Tradition, care and passion for quality : thats what has always made Masserie di SantEramo successful. Moreover the choice to respect the basic principles of the Mediterranean Diet, the use of artisan techniques, the perfect balance between nutritional properties and taste characterize every single gastronomic specialty.

Masserie di SantEramo offers a wide range of natural and genuine products.

Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It has a delicate taste and a light fruity bouquet. This extra virgin olive oil is mostly obtained from the “Ogliarola Barese” also known as “Cima di Bitonto” and “Leccino” olives variety typical of our region. It is specially indicated for seasoning delicate dishes.

Flavorful Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Its slightly bitter spicy flavor and its intense fruity olive aroma represent the characteristics of this extra virgin olive oil mainly obtained from the “Coratina” olive variety, highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Its intense taste, with a clear pungent sensation, enhances all dishes demanding a strong taste.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This extra virgin olive oil is produced from selected olives harvested in certified organic Apulian olive groves. Perfect when raw, it has a clear sweet and fruity taste with an almond herbaceous smell. Ideal for all the people who choose and follow a natural diet.

P.D.O. Terra di Bari Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Castel del Monte” it has an intense fruity flavor with a clear bitter and pungent sensation and smell of artichoke. “Bitonto” it has a medium fruity flavor with clear sensation of fresh grass and slightly bitter and spicy sensation. “Murgia dei Trulli e delle Grotte” it has a slightly fruity flavor with pleasant sensation of fresh almonds with a hint of bitter and spicy sensation.

Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.G.I.

“Burgundy Label” this precious Balsamic Vinegar aged 5 years has a balanced bitter-sweet taste. It is indicated for the preparation of delicate recipes as well as for refined dishes. “Black Label” this excellent Balsamic Vinegar aged 8 years has an intense aroma and full-bodied taste. Outstanding for seasoning refined dishes and superior cheese.

Traditional Durum Wheat Pasta

Tradition and premium ingredients represent the basic principles of our quality production.
Our durum wheat pasta is made following to the traditional techniques of Italy’s master artisans: rigorous selection of the best durum wheat semolina, use of round bronze dies, dried slowly at 40-45°C (104-112°F)
As a consequence our pasta preserves its nutritional content and its exceptional flavors.
Furthermore, the exclusive use of bronze dies gives a porous surface that holds better any kind of sauces and accentuates its fragrance.

Typical Apulian Durum Wheat Pasta

It keeps intact the flavour of the best Apulian durum wheat semolina and its sunshine.
It’s an artisan pasta made following traditional pasta-making methods and the slow drying process at low temperature guarantee a high quality pasta as the home-made one.
The rigorous choice of selected ingredients and the artisan processing represent the “secret” of the fragrance and the genuineness of this exclusive pasta.
Masserie di Sant’Eramo offers a wide range of different pasta shapes of our typical Apulian “cuisine”.

Flavored Durum Wheat Pasta

For the most elaborated tastes Masserie di Sant’Eramo offers a wide range of flavored pasta.
Only natural vegetable extracts are added to enrich its taste and safeguard its genuineness : a perfect mix of different flavours and colours.
Masserie di Sant’Eramo flavored pasta calls for a simple and quick seasoning.

Fine Sea Salt

Naturally produced by the combined action of the sun, the wind and the sea, it is extracted from sea salt-works, a naturalistic uncontaminated place. It is accurately selected and processed with up-to-date technologies. The processing system avoids whitening treatment and contact with heat sources and preserves its natural colour and the major content of precious minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.
It is a natural ingredient important for nourishment that brings useful mineral substances to the human organism and makes our meals tasty.

Iodized Fine Sea Salt

The iodized sea salt ensures the right quantity of iodine in order to prevent and fight iodine deficiency in the organism, that causes for instance, thyroid trouble.

Ready-To-Serve Sauces

Our sauces are available in small glass jars to safeguard the genuine taste of fresh tomatoes, the extra virgin olive oil and the use of selected Mediterranean ingredients.
As all Masserie di Sant’Eramo products, our sauces are prepared only with carefully selected ingredients with no preservatives added as the home-made ones. Our ready-to-serve sauces combine very well with Masserie di Sant’Eramo pasta to prepare complete and tasty first course dishes.


Masserie di Sant’Eramo pâté are genuine, creamy and tasty.
They are made according to traditional recipes and using only rigorously selected ingredients.
Perfect with appetizers, as a side dish, as a topping on Masserie di Sant’Eramo bruschette.

Baked Goods

Masserie di Sant'Eramo baked goods are made on respecting the old traditional recipes using exclusively selected and premium ingredients.
Genuineness, good quality and great care represent the secret of our products and make them appetizing.


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