At Masserie di Sant'Eramo, from olive cultivation and harvesting to their selection and processing, from bottling to quality assurance, scrupulous care and control are exercised to bring our final consumer the very best product. Therefore we guarantee a complete control over all phases of production and an optimal traceability of our products.

Our plant is one of the newest and most technologically advanced in Europe with a high production capacity as follows:

  • An olive oil mill with 4 grind stones
  • 500.000 litres of extra virgin olive oil stored
  • Bottling line for up to 2.500 bottles per hour

Masserie di SantEramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from handpicked olives. Careful picking ensures that the olives are picked at the height of ripeness. Of course, it takes a lot of work to pick olives by hand but it is the best harvesting method (brucatura) as it results in the least bruising of the fruits.
Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from selected olives (Coratina and Ogliarola Baresespecies). Only olives that pass this rigorous scrutiny are pressed to become Masserie di SantEramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olives are pressed within 24 hours of being picked to ensure that the bouquet and flavour of these premium olives are kept intact.
Prized among oil-bearing varieties, Coratinas give our oil body and the fruity aroma of fresh olives; Ogliarolas round off its taste.


As for extracting the oil we use the Continuous Combine System that links the advantages of both methods: the time-honoured and the modern one.
The result of the time-honoured method with granite millstones for milling the olives is a milder extra virgin olive oil.
The advantages of the modern method known as Continuous System are the following: the olives are hardly manipulated, thus ensuring high hygienic standards; the stainless steel equipment prevents oxidation due possible contact with the atmosphere.


Our extra virgin olive oil is kept in stainless steel tanks located in the basement at 10 met. under street level, in well-aerated rooms at a constant temperature that does not exceeding 16C. This is the best system to stock an extra virgin olive oil.


Masserie di Sant'Eramo is bottled in dark green glass to protect it from light and safeguard its excellent nutritional properties. Its distinctive label, the ergonomic design of its bottle, the exclusive drip-proof twist cap, all contributes to the appeal of this premium-quality product


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