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In our region, Apulia, history, traditions and usages of a millenary culture on the Mediterranean Diet and on olive oil have been handed down from father to son. A great part of Apulia is covered with endless surfaces of olive trees, thus making it the largest olive oil producing region in the world:

  • 45 millions olive-trees (43% of Italys output, 14% of the worlds total);
  • 360.000 cultivated hectares;
  • 260.000 growing farms.

Low pollution, a prevalently sunny climate with just the right amount of rain, and the mineral-rich lime-tufa soil make this land ideal for olive cultivation: several hundred miles of coastline provide the fragrant sea breezes that gently caress and permeate the healthy fruits.


The mission of Masserie di SantEramo is to improve local communitys social conditions, by promoting working/entrepreneurial opportunities in the economic sectors where the region has a natural inclination to excel.
For this reason Masserie di SantEramo, located in Apulia, produces solely a premium extra virgin olive oil, cold extracted.


Masserie di SantEramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the prime pure juice that is extracted from the olives, without undergoing any chemical treatment whatsoever.Masserie di SantEramo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold extracted. This means that olives are pressed only once, within hours of being picked, and that we do not resort to heat to increase yields. Only this process ensures a low acidity level (less than 0,5), a high nutritional content and that the flavour of these premium olives are kept intact, resulting in an oil of wonderful fullness.

The Master Oil Makers, expert oil tasters, attribute their quality judgment on quality that assigns by respecting an official scale of olive oil values and qualifications set by International Oleic Council (C.O.I. Panel Test). Our own Master Oil Maker tastes and checks the characteristics of each batch of extra virgin olive oil we produce, to create a perfect blend: the result is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality.

  • UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 (Traceability in the feed and food chain);
  • Standard BRC Issue 6 (GRADE A);
  • Standard IFS Version 5 (HIGHER LEVEL).


Masserie di SantEramo brand originates from the prestigious Apulian farmhouses denominated Masserie.
People who lived in the Masserie performed traditional rural chores: the crops, the harvest, the produce of the land, cattle-breeding.


Masserie di SantEramo has obtained the following awards


Fancy Food Packaging Award
(Top Honors)

New York

Fancy Food Magazine Packaging Honors


Agor Prize for best Design

San Francisco

Clio for Excellence in Packaging Design Foods


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We Are Certified
We Are Certified



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